People may engage in litigation in order to recover money damages, such as for a breach of contract or personal injury. Litigation is also a means of compelling someone to take or refrain from certain actions. Often, before resorting to litigation, people and businesses try other means to resolve the dispute in question. Sometimes the other party simply does not respond until a lawsuit is filed and litigation begins. Considering and initiating litigation can be a daunting task.

How We Can Help

Whether you are an individual or business seeking representation in civil litigation matters, the seasoned civil litigation attorneys at Wold Johnson can effectively represent your interests throughout the entirety of your case, working with you from the pre-litigation phase through filing, discovery, trial, and appeal, if necessary. We emphasize early, fair resolution of conflicts outside of the courtroom to avoid needless and protracted litigation. With extensive experience in both federal and state courts across Minnesota and North Dakota, Wold Johnson is prepared to fight for you.

  • Pre-Litigation Advice. Litigation is an effective way to resolve disputes, but it is not always best for every client or every situation. Because of the expense, effort and time inherent in litigation, we make sure we understand our clients' needs and that our clients have a solid understanding of what litigation entails. We are also well-versed with alternative dispute resolution processes, including arbitration and mediation.
  • During Litigation. No matter whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, the litigation process can be very stressful. We work with both plaintiffs and defendants, making sure they are aware of their options and working to protect their interests at every step. We handle all types of civil litigation matters, including: contract disputes, commercial litigation, construction issues, director and officer liability, employment and labor law disputes, environmental and land use, government and regulatory issues, insurance and indemnification cases, personal injury claims, and products liability cases.
  • Settlement Negotiations. Filing a lawsuit is the first step toward a trial on the matter in dispute, but not all litigation ends in trial. Most lawsuits actually resolve in settlement at some point before a trial. We are effective negotiators, and will work toward settlement if that is the most efficient way to achieve our clients' overall objectives.

Our goal is to educate clients about the options available for
their case and effectively guide them through the process.